Gunda Antal

1929 - 2013

Antal Gunda was a fine graphic artist and an influential teacher.

He studied at the University of Fine Arts under the major professor of graphic design at the time, György Konecsni. As he finished his education in 1952, he started his career as a graphic designer.  He created numerous movie posters. He had a very refined, decorative style. He was working on poster-, emblem-, stamp- and exhibition designs in the 1960s.

Between 1970-89 he was a teacher at the Shool of Fine and Applied Arts in Budapest. He was teaching graphic design, and he had an influence on many graphic arists of the next generations. While he was active as a teacher, he created only a few posters. Most of them were published for exhibitions, fairs and culutral events, such as the annual architecture exhibition (We built it in...).

Gunda preferred an elegant drawing style, which is sometimes combined with the intensive color scale of Pop art. His movie posters has an expressive character, often using watercolor paint or paper cut technique. He often painted or drew the major lines of the composition with intensive gestures. He also liked using roughly torn paper pieces in the paper cut, in order to create an expressive composition. He often worked for theaters, too - these pieces are similar to his movie posters.

His career shows perfectly the changes of Hungarian poster art after the 1950s, from the compulsory realistic manner through the flat-like, more abstract portrayal until the use of photomontage and then the objective graphical semeiology. Gunda was a good representative of high-standard graphic design in Hungary in the second part of the 20th century.

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